Just like many of its neighboring Central and Eastern European countries, Poland’s cuisine has also been influenced by its long history as well as the cooking traditions of other nations. It’s rich tastes and great variety goes far beyond just meat and potatoes (as many assume of Slavic cuisines)! What makes these dishes amazing is the combination of different ingredients with the oh-so-famous Polish hospitality and generosity: when served by one of the locals who make you feel absolute loved and at home, all dishes taste better, don’t they?

While these dishes are very big calorie bombs, they are also taste bombs: once you try them, no way to resist the temptation to get even more. Here are some examples of popular meals you should definitely try and see for yourselves why these meals are so loved:

1) Polish dumplings (Pierogi)

The thinly rolled out slices of dough are filled with various ingredients, most usually mushrooms, meat, sauerkraut, and onion. After made one by one, they are quickly boiled and straight away ready to eat! The dumplings are usually consumed with something on the side, such as beetroot. You cannot always just have them though – this special dish deserves a special occasion, so they are traditionally served during Christmas holidays.

2) Chicken soup (Rosół)

If you want to have something more common, a classic Sunday lunch meal, then chicken soup it is. Like in many of its neighbouring countries, also in Poland it is common to go to church on a Sunday morning, then go home and have lunch together with the family – and especially on a cold day, having this lovely, hearty soup does really warm up the whole body! This dish is also very popular is, for example, Hungary or Slovakia.

3) Polish pancakes (Polskie naleśniki)

Unlike chubby American pancakes, Polish pancakes are somewhat more similar to French crêpe. The pancakes are very thin and can be filled with many different ingredients (just like the dumplings), both sweet and savoury! A perfect breakfast could be pancakes filled with jam, fruits, or powder sugar, while you could have them stuffed with meat or cheese with dinner – or just have a huge stack and have them all day long!

4) Polish cheesecake (Sernik)

Let’s just say that you have not truly tried Polish cuisine if you don’t give a shot to these desert: the combination of the cold, sweet curd cheese with some chocolate sauce and raisins will make you fall in love with Poland’s kitchen over and over again, with each and every bite.

The list could go on and on but just by reading about these you might already be quite full – not to mention all the Polish words! (Fun fact: Polish is considered to be one of the hardest languages to learn because of its complicated grammar, almost as hard as Mandarine!)

One more things to keep in mind: the Polish don’t only like to eat but also like to drink! So make sure all your dishes start and/or followed by a shot of excellent vodka or a glass of beer or wine – they all taste really great and make the dishes even tastier.

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