I think most of us believe in the fact that food brings people together. Indeed, we share this idea. There is also the Polish aspect of it. Polish Food Guide is a representation of what Polish Food Market looks like – in real time.

Our goal is to maintain a platform for conversation about and around the topic of Polish food sources, traditions, recipes, reviews, tips, tricks, places, deals, events and more.

pfg Community is the answer – we created a dedicated web community specifically dedicated to obtaining all above-mentioned tasks to one place.

As a pfg member, you can now access more than 100 listings and 200 reviews of the best Polish restaurants, bars, delis and more completely free of charge.

You can search our reviews by name, category or location (see our top tips for searching). Once you find a deli, restaurant or any other place from our Polish food categories, you can bookmark it, share the review with a friend, and contact the place direct from the site.

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